Calendar Club is Hiring!!!!

Calendar Club of Canada is a national seasonal retailer which offers the opportunity to operate some of the most exciting seasonal retail concept stores in Canada. All of our store concepts feature a merchandise mix that offers shoppers maximum quality, selection and value.

When we say “our store”, we’re really talking about your store. That’s what makes Calendar Club of Canada concepts so exciting. Calendar Club of Canada kiosks and inline stores are operated by entrepreneurs, people like you who profit by running their own businesses. The neat thing is, we think we’ve removed almost all of the risk of “doing it on your own.”

Do You Have What It Takes To Operate Your Very Own Business?

What is more enjoyable than selling calendars, games, and toys? As a member of our Retail Operations team, the Retail Store Operator will manage and operate one of our Calendar Club store location(s).

Let Us Help You Vision Your Role Here at Calendar Club…

  • As the store/business owner, you will: work the store, hire and train employees, manage inventory, make bank deposits, and provide good customer service – everything required to be a successful retailer.
  • You will be responsible for hiring and training your crew, that will help you build and layout your store.
  • You will be responsible for hiring and training a crew to help run your store.
  • You will be a major contributor to maximizing company-wide sales
  • You will be responsible for inspecting the store site.
  • You will be responsible for acquiring proper documentation to comply with provincial and federal regulations.
  • You will be responsible for communicating with mall management to inquire about extra permits that might be needed.
  • You will need to contact our shipping department to arrange a delivery date/time of store fixtures and merchandise.
  • You are solely responsible for building and merchandising the store according to the plan-o-grams.
  • At the end of each day you will be responsible for closing the cash register, transmitting sales, credit card and debit data and depositing cash to a bank account assigned by Calendar Club.
  • You will provide weekly summary reports to the Operations Team.
  • You will be responsible for the tear down/pack up process at season end.

You Will Lead Us To Success With Your…

  1. Willingness to work hard from day one
  2. Years of Retail Business Management experience
  3. Confidence in building, managing, and leading your own team
  4. Effective oral and written communication skills
  5. Exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills
  6. Skills in data entry and record keeping
  7. High level of confidentiality
  8. Diploma or Degree in Business Management is an asset

So, What Are You Waiting For?

How well you do depends, to a large extent, on how hard you work, how well you interact with customers, and how much time you commit to the store. On average, Operators earn approximately 15% of the sales. Operators usually begin with one store concept in a single mall and, if successful, can add more concepts in the same mall in succeeding years. Additionally, each year Calendar Club of Canada provides an incentive plan that challenges you to excel. Many are already asking about the next holiday season and approximately 90% of our operators return year after year.


The incumbent must maintain the confidentiality of all company and customer information and must not discuss such matters outside of Paris Southern Lights Inc and Calendar Club of Canada. Tact and discretion must be used in all dealings with all coworkers, associates, vendors, customers and potential customers to maintain a positive image of Paris Southern Lights Inc and Calendar Club of Canada.

Contract length: 6 months

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

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